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Costly risks for machinery and equipment desktop appraisals

This article will discuss desktop appraisal risks and extra costs for machinery and equipment appraisals and inventory valuations.  Desktop appraisals for inventory, machinery, and equipment do not always cost less than an appraisal with inspection because of the additional steps the appraiser must take to develop a credible valuation. How a desktop appraisal can cost you more In some […]

desktop appraisal

What is a Desktop Appraisal?

An equipment or inventory desktop appraisal is a limited scope appraisal that does not include a physical inspection of the assets. Instead, the appraiser relies upon information provided to her by other parties regarding the subject property.   There is a place for the desktop appraisal Machinery and Equipment appraisal is unique in that the […]

Asset Tagging Equipment Serial Plate

What is Asset Tagging

Asset tagging is the process of labeling commercial business assets to more efficiently and accurately identify them for financial reporting, location tracking, maintenance management, and loss prevention. Once the initial tagging process is complete, property owners can take an inventory of the assets using a scan gun, producing various reports accessible by computer or mobile […]