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Equipment Appraisal Reviews Objectively Measure Quality

Why do Equipment Appraisal Reviews need to be objective? For the same reason that appraisers need to remain objective in valuations, review appraisers need to develop and produce equipment appraisal reviews that are unbiased so that the assignment results are credible and defensible.  When serving in the role of expert witness, the review appraiser needs to be […]

Standard of Care: Quality Control and Appraisal Reviews

The Appraisal Reviewer’s toolbox for detecting issues Appraisal reviews are used to report issues in appraisal reports authored by another appraiser.  These issues are measured by existing standards of care and communicated as compliance to rules, standards, requirements, and professionally accepted appraisal practices.  The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) is a minimum standard of care […]

7 Key Components of an Appraisal Review report

An appraisal review report provides the client with the reviewer’s opinion of another appraiser’s work.  For the reviewer’s opinion to be credible, it must meet certain appraisal industry standards. Do review appraisers have to comply with any specified rules? The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (“USPAP”) provide a set of rules for appraisers to […]

How to Choose a Review Appraiser for Equipment Appraisal Reviews

The purpose of an appraisal review is to develop a credible opinion of the quality of another appraiser’s work.  For that opinion to be credible, the review appraiser must have competency to perform appraisal reviews.  Can anyone perform a competent review?  That depends… Who is qualified to review appraisals? The reviewer is an appraiser with competency […]

Top 10 Reasons to Get a Machinery and Equipment Appraisal Review

Machinery and equipment appraisal reviews are used by lenders, tax consultants, attorneys, and insurance companies for settlements, compliance, and litigation because appraisals are frequently challenged.  Since an appraisal is an opinion of value, that opinion needs to be properly supported for the appraisal report to have credibility. What is an appraisal review? An appraisal review […]

Does accreditation matter for machinery and equipment appraisers?

Typically, you don’t know the appraiser personally, so how do you choose one from the herd?  On paper, they all look about the same.  But there are ways that you can differentiate some aspects to help you decide who to select for an appraisal quote.  Do yourself a favor, save time by first vetting the […]

5 Ways to Lower Your Property Taxes

Clients often ask if there are ways to reduce their tangible personal property tax on their business assets.  While not all property qualifies for a deduction, a company can consider and apply some steps to lower property taxes or file for property tax appeals.  Some of these steps are simple, but time consuming.  Others may […]

What’s revealed by an equipment asset appraisal inspection?

Why order an inspection with an equipment appraisal? An inspection appraisal aides the equipment appraiser in determining valuations through a more comprehensive collection process to obtain asset identifiers.   What scope of work is included in a machinery and equipment appraisal inspection? In contrast to a desktop appraisal, a machinery and equipment appraisal with inspection includes a site […]

Inspections – the key to cutting costs for equipment and inventory appraisals

An equipment appraisal inspection or inventory appraisal inspection allows the appraiser to collect data about the assets in a shorter period of time, thereby reducing the hours that the appraiser spends on the assignment.  These hours can add up to significant savings. How can an inspection appraisal cost less than a desktop appraisal? These days […]